Help us This FALL Get As Many Computers Out to the Low Income Population by Donating Technology:

We are a small organization here in Frederick City, Maryland.   www.thebuddyproject.org


We provide FREE Computers at NO CHARGE to people with disabilities and we offer a Low Income program to provide free computers to anyone who makes under 20k a year or lost their job due to COVID Layoffs and Shutdowns.   Many  people have at least a basic smart phone now a days, but at the same time so many lack access to a basic full size Windows Computer.   These computers help school and college students do their assignments, help families find jobs, shop for items and stay in touch.   Now has never been a MORE important time to own a computer.   Please consider donating yours or your company's surplus computers.  Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided upon request.  


At the link below you will find our website.


Here is our website:.



If you would like to read about some of our stories how we have helped people in need please click on the link below.