The Buddy Project

2107 Chestnut Lane
Frederick, MD 21702

Call/Text: (301)788-5350

Putting Technology

In Your Hands

The Buddy Project, Inc. Premier Computer Refurbisher for the disabled; Autism; Mental Illness, in Frederick, Maryland; Rockville, MD; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Gettysburg, PA;  Computer Recycling and data destruction.  Free eCycling services Maryland.  

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Old Farm Computer is a division of The Buddy Project. It is for those individuals that do not qualify for a traditional The Buddy Project computer through our program. Individuals can actually purchase a computer at a reasonable price while helping people with disabilities and the environment!  Also, e-Xcel (Free Computers for the Poor) is handled through the Old Farm Computer website.  click Old Farm Computer Logo for website.